AMMO INCORPORATED® Announces New Executive Management Team

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — AMMO INCORPORATED®, one of the premier American made and manufactured munitions companies, today announced its new management team and unique line of licensed of bullets with motorcycle designer and builder Jesse James.

The company will be led by CEO and President Fred W. Wagenhals. AMMO INCORPORATED® has also enlisted Jay Grdina to help AMMO INCORPORATED® in its marketing efforts and global expansion. Grdina has more than 25 years of marketing and management experience and he will oversee the licensing and branding process at AMMO INCORPORATED®.

“AMMO INCORPORATED® has an opportunity to really energize the munitions industry in the coming years through the execution of a lifestyle based brand,” said Grdina. “There is a very real movement and energy in the firearms industry that can be capitalized on with quality licensing, event marketing and communications that puts personality and excitement front and center. I look forward to charting a path that not only grows our revenues at AMMO INCORPORATED®, but also helps to expand the entire category.”

AMMO INCORPORATED® will introduce a superior line of licensed munitions, accessories and products designed to enhance the firearms enthusiasts’ experience. The first in a series of announcements in the AMMO INCORPORATED® licensed munitions line, AMMO INCORPORATED® will work with renowned motorcycle designer and builder Jesse James to create the Jesse James line of branded bullets. AMMO INCORPORATED® seeks to elevate both the quality of their products as well as the shooters’ overall experience, while enjoying the firearms lifestyle.

“When putting my name on a box of Ammo I am only interested in three things. That it’s the absolute highest quality, most accurate, and best value for the customer. Jesse James Ammunition is all three,” said Jesse James. “I am so proud to be partnering with AMMO INCORPORATED® The stars have truly aligned for a successful company. AMMO INCORPORATED® CEO Fred Wagenhals and myself have a partnership going back almost two decades. We both are focused and determined to create the best product possible. Also bring a new approach to the ammunition industry.”

AMMO INCORPORATED® will also continue to offer superior munitions that serve the practice and protect consumer, the law enforcement community, large and small game-hunting consumer and specialty product.

AMMO’s current Payson, AZ, facility is producing 25,000,000 rounds of high-end ammunition annually with the ability to scale to more than 150,000,000 rounds per year. Their superior design, rigorous testing and quality control processes help put AMMO INCORPORATED’s ammunitions in the forefront of performance for the industry.

“At AMMO, we take pride in our American heritage,” said Wagenhals “We proudly proclaim our products to be made in America by U.S. citizens. From the outset. We strive to be the leading innovator of center-fire ammunition for our customers, the military, law enforcement, sportsmen and civilians. Every load is developed for a specific purpose with a focus on consistency, accuracy and even, in some cases, felt recoil. Each round is designed, manufactured, inspected and packaged to bring a superior shooting experience and the confidence to dominate downrange.”

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